On the Road
We drive every day on public roads so we can build a safer driver.
We’ve now launched the early rider program, a public trial of our self-driving cars in Phoenix, AZ, and we also continue to test every day in three other US locations.
Diverse test locations
Over the years, we’ve expanded our testing to four US locations. By driving every day in different types of real-world conditions, we teach our cars to navigate safely and comfortably through all sorts of situations.
Millions of miles driven
Our fleet has self-driven more than 3 million miles, mostly on city streets. It took our team just 7 months to reach our third million miles. By comparison, it took about 6 years to hit our first million. This builds on 1 billion miles we drove in simulation in 2016 alone.
Progress on real roads
While we’re working toward fully self-driving cars, we have test drivers who monitor our vehicles and can take over driving if needed—we call this a “disengage.” By the end of 2016, our rate of safety-related disengages had fallen dramatically. That was a four-time improvement in just 12 months and we’re working on bringing the numbers down even further.
Early rider program
We’re now refining the self-driving experience for our riders. We’ve launched a public trial of our vehicles in Phoenix, AZ, where our early riders can help shape the future of how Waymo’s self-driving cars work.