We’ve been working on self-driving technology since 2009.
From our beginnings as the Google self-driving car project, we’ve been working to make our roads safer, free up people’s time, and improve mobility for everyone. Now, as an independent company, Waymo is more committed than ever to the same goal.
The Google self-driving car project began
We set out on a challenge to drive fully autonomously over ten uninterrupted 100-mile routes in our Toyota Prius vehicles. Months later, we’d succeeded in driving an order of magnitude larger than had ever been driven autonomously.
More than 300,000 miles self-driven
We added the Lexus RX450h to our fleet and continued self-driving on freeways with test drivers. We invited some Google employees to start early testing of our technology on highways, using our cars for work and weekend trips.
Moved to complex city streets
We shifted focus to the more complex environment of city streets with pedestrians, cyclists, road work and more. Steve Mahan from the Santa Clara Valley Blind Center took his first test ride in the driver's seat, accompanied by a test driver.
“Firefly” hit public roads for the first time
We explored what fully self-driving cars could be like by designing a new reference vehicle, nicknamed “Firefly,” from the ground up. These cars had custom sensors, computers, steering and braking, but no steering wheel or pedals.
World’s first fully self-driving ride on public roads
Steve joined us for another ride in our car, but this time was different. He rode completely alone in a vehicle—no steering wheel, no pedals and no driver—on public roads in Austin, TX.
Waymo, a self-driving technology company
The Google self-driving car project became Waymo, a self-driving technology company with a mission to make it easy and safe for people and things to move around.
Introduced fully self-driving Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans
We added the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan to our fleet. This was our first vehicle built on a mass-production platform with a fully-integrated hardware suite, newly designed by Waymo for the purpose of full autonomy.
Launched early rider program
We invited residents in Phoenix, AZ to join a public trial of our self-driving vehicles and help shape the future of how our cars will work.
Waymo’s fully self-driving cars have arrived
Our fully self-driving vehicles began test-driving on public roads without anyone in the driver’s seat. Soon, members of the public will get to use these vehicles in their daily lives.
Building 20,000 self-driving Jaguar I-PACEs
We partnered with Jaguar to create the world's first premium electric self-driving vehicle: the Jaguar I-PACE. We’ll start testing these vehicles this year and will add up to 20,000 I-PACEs to Waymo’s fleet in the next few years. That’s enough to drive about a million trips in a typical day.